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Reinsurance Specialties™ Technologies offers software that empowers clients to track and monitor financial performance. Our customizable finance menus, paperless contracting, and video monitoring of transactions provide valuable resources.  Additionally, our technology streamlines product administration for a dynamic and efficient post-sale process.


Our clients rely on our high level of commitment to technology as a resource to increase revenue, lower overhead and reduce their exposure to risk. Reinsurance Specialties™ Technologies software is revolutionizing the way finance, sales and service connects by providing proprietary technology resources that help leadership produce results that excite customers and drive retention.

Sales & Reporting Software

Our suite of sales and reporting applications maximizes profit potential for our clients. Developed in-house and supported by our consultants and IT professionals, these tools provide effective sales and reporting capabilities.

  • Sales Menu: Reinsurance Specialties™ Technologies' menu is designed and continuously improved by our clients to meet their unique customer needs. It delivers a sales experience that aligns with the dealer's business vision.       

  • eContracting and eSignature: Reinsurance Specialties™ Technologies' eContracting and eSignature software offers a complete, real-time paperless solution. It ensures compliance, protects nonpublic information, saves employee time, and reduces errors that can frustrate retail customers at the dealership.

  • Video Monitoring System (Cyclops): Cyclops is a vital tool used by our consultants to educate and train dealership leaders in sales, F&I, and service functions. It enables quick filing, sorting, and retrieval of videos, surpassing other products in the market.

  • Analytics: Reinsurance Specialties™ Technologies provides robust and adaptable product reporting, enhancing the customer experience during the sales process. Our technology seamlessly integrates with most dealer management systems, ensuring smooth operations and improved efficiency.

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"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

- Steve Jobs

Product Administration Software

Reinsurance Specialties™ Technologies' proprietary software streamlines product administration after the sale, ensuring customer satisfaction through efficient processes.

  • Claims System: Reinsurance Specialties™ Technologies leverages data from multiple sources to deliver a seamless and user-friendly claim experience for consumers. Our integrated claim payment process and established controls expedite adjudication, enabling fast and efficient payments.

  • Product Administrator: Our clients benefit from the robust functionality of Reinsurance Specialties™ Technologies, which offers flexibility in administering their product portfolio.

  • Payment Services: Reinsurance Specialties™ Technologies provides advanced invoicing and receipt administration, enabling efficient management of payables and receivables. Our system maximizes automation, saving time and resources. Payments can be made electronically, with the option for paper checks upon request.

  • Product Reinsurance: Reinsurance Specialties™ Technologies goes beyond numbers when discussing product selection and performance with our clients. We offer control over ceding, analytics, and claim trend monitoring, empowering businesses to reduce risk and maximize profit potential.



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