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The success our dealer clients have achieved over the last two decades is unmatched and as a result, we have unrivaled client retention. Reinsurance Specialties™ dedicated representatives provide the highest level of service and are actively engaged in the development of all aspects of the dealer’s potential.


We work to develop a process that speaks directly to the dealer’s vision for the business and implement a framework that holds leadership accountable to that vision. We go beyond observation and recommendation – partnering with our clients to develop a tailored program for every aspect of sales, finance and service.

Reinsurance Specialties  clients receive unique consulting services from representatives who excelled in their retail dealership positions. Our F&I representatives perform in the top 1% of industry professionals while maintaining the highest customer satisfaction scores.

Our mission of increasing dealer revenues while lowering their overhead and reducing their risk of doing business requires our representatives to maintain the lowest account loads in the industry. This allows us to become intimately involved in the details of daily business, working alongside the dealer's leadership to accomplish their goals.

It is not about us, it is about our dealers.

Business Meeting

The cornerstone of our consulting services is our proprietary Leadership Framework. The Leadership Framework allows our consultants to:

  • Align client resources

  • Leverage institutional knowledge of the store

  • Develop an organizational leadership program

  • Implement a customized game plan

  • Measure performance for accountability

Our passion is providing a singleness of purpose in what we impart. Our holistic approach to income development provides our dealer clients with confidence that each department is operating under one vision and with one mission.



Tel:  405.849.6345

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