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Dealer Participation

We specialize in assisting dealers in establishing and structuring personalized product participation programs. Our comprehensive range of options includes Foreign Domicile Corporations taxed as U.S. entities, Non-Controlled Foreign Corporations (NCFCs), Dealer Owned Warranty Companies (DOWCs), and retro structures. To ensure the highest level of expertise, we collaborate with industry-leading experts who are well-versed in these areas.


We offer sophisticated participation options for our dealership clients.

The dealer or company owner retains 100% of the underwriting profit and investment income generated.

We offer participation programs for over 20 products.

Our participation programs provide a significant economic advantage over factory-sponsored plans. Achieving profit participation of $400+ per unit (in addition to front/back gross and packs) is possible. Products backed by carriers rated AM Best, A- or better as neededWe offer dealer-controlled investment options for our clients.

Our multiple professionally managed low-cost investment funds allow for a customized investment strategy tailored to your specific needs. Dealers have the flexibility to borrow assets as directed by the dealer principal. Our dedicated staff of accountants and reinsurance experts are available to provide support for any inquiries, reporting needs, and analysis. Our dedicated risk analysis team diligently monitors profitability for each product and dealership combination, ensuring effective risk management and maximizing profitability.

""The purpose of reinsurance is to enable an insurance company to carry out its function in the community with greater security and greater facility."

- F.A. Glauser

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Tel:  405.849.6345

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