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Serving 500+ Business Leaders in 30 US States, clients/customers find our PORC model to be 'their favorite business tool' relative to risk management, claim management, asset protection and access to funds (premiums). 

People Cheering

"Not only did I bring Reinsurance Specialties™ model into my suite of risk management/financial planning products serving our 200 agents and a multitude of successful clients, I formed my own reinsurance structure via their excellent program."

John L.

- Wisconsin-

“We vetted many servicing companies before landing on Craig and Robert. They have been extremely helpful from introduction to education to onboarding to operational management. We are extremely happy with our reinsurance model."

Jeff M.

- Florida -

"Reinsurance is a beautiful business tool used to help control business risk exposures surrounding our ten LLCs; we remit tax-advantaged premium monthly and always have access to premium funds."

Morgan J.

- Ney York -

"The Reinsurance Specialties™  team members are true professionals and work with value-added subject-matter experts; they make participation in these programs simple and straight forward."

Corey T.

- Michigan -


"Reinsurance Specialties™  has surrounded itself with subject-matter-experts who bring much value to the table. The onboarding was simple and my tax burden was reduced from $300K to $13K last year as enterprise risk/premium was remitted to my new Insurance Company."

Rick W.

- Florida -

"I am a retired dentist-entrepreneur. I’ve been making a nice income for many years but with insurance costs and the current tax laws it was hard to affordably protect my family and accumulate wealth.


I was fortunate to run into your model. Your team assisted me in setting up my own captive insurance company. Over the past six years, I have discovered how using a captive insurance company has positioned me on the right side of the insurance cash register while giving me the ability to control my personal tax liabilities.

Today, I have the comfort of knowing my assets are comfortably protected and are growing beyond my expectations."

R. Lynn C.

- Oklahoma -

"Team members of the Reinsurance Specialties™ organization are responsible, trustworthy and approachable professionals. Me and my fellow medical professionals are strategically self-insuring our under-insured risks (and protecting our assets) relative to our practices, real estate properties and business holdings outside the practice."

Stuart T.

- Oklahoma -

Business Meeting

"If there was ever a time in our nation's history where business owners needed the power and peace of reinsurance, IT IS NOW!"

Andy and Rhonda K.

- Oklahoma -




Tel:  405.880.1949

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