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Maintaining the pristine appearance of vehicles is essential, as wear and tear can lead to costly repairs and replacements for your customers. They deserve affordable coverage that ensures their investment remains protected and maintains a showroom-like condition, even in unfortunate circumstances.

With Reinsurance Specialties™, you can offer a comprehensive paint and interior coverage program. Our interior protection includes antimicrobial features that eliminate 99.9% of viruses, including COVID-19. We safeguard the appearance of vehicles, both inside and out, from the moment of purchase throughout the contract term. Our policy provides defense against paint damage caused by environmental elements such as hard water, road salt, acid rain, sap, and more. In the event of damage, customers can have peace of mind knowing that repairs and replacements are covered.

Choose Reinsurance Specialties™ to provide your customers with reliable and affordable protection for their vehicle's paint and interior. Our coverage ensures their investment remains in top-notch condition, and they can confidently enjoy their vehicle without worrying about costly damages.

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