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History of Reinsurance Specialties™

Our Leadership team has over 100 years of combined experience in the automotive industry including franchise, independent retail and buy here pay here.  Reinsurance Specialties™ operates as a full service administrator.

Full-service administration typically refers to comprehensive management and support services provided by a company or organization to handle various administrative functions. This can include training, claims adjudication, compliance management, performance reports and analysis, as well as financials and bookkeeping. Here's a breakdown of each component:

Training: This involves developing and delivering training programs to educate employees or clients on various aspects of the business, such as policies, procedures, software systems, or regulatory requirements. Training can be conducted through in-person sessions, workshops, webinars, or online learning platforms.

Claims Adjudication: Claims adjudication refers to the process of evaluating and determining the validity
of insurance claims or any other type of claims. A full-service administration provider would handle the
end-to-end process of receiving, reviewing, investigating, and making decisions on claims, ensuring they
comply with relevant regulations and policies.

Compliance: Compliance management involves ensuring that an organization adheres to relevant laws,
regulations, and industry standards. Full-service administration providers would help establish and
maintain compliance frameworks, conduct audits, develop policies and procedures, and implement
controls to mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance.

Performance Reports/Analysis: Full-service administration providers would generate regular
performance reports and conduct detailed analysis to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of
various administrative processes. These reports can include metrics and key performance indicators
(KPIs) to measure and monitor performance against predefined goals or benchmarks.

Financials/Bookkeeping: Managing financials and bookkeeping involves tasks such as recording
transactions, maintaining financial records, preparing financial statements, budgeting, forecasting, and
providing financial analysis. Full-service administration providers would handle these financial aspects,
ensuring accuracy, compliance with accounting standards, and providing financial insights to support

Overall, full-service administration aims to streamline administrative operations, enhance efficiency,
ensure compliance, and provide valuable insights to drive business success. Organizations may choose
to outsource these services to specialized providers to benefit from their expertise and focus on their
core business functions.


F&I (Finance and Insurance) development, training classes, and menus are specific components

of the automotive industry that focus on the finance and insurance aspect of vehicle sales.
Here's an overview of each component:


F&I Development: F&I development refers to the process of establishing and enhancing the finance and
insurance department within an automotive dealership or organization. This involves setting up policies,
procedures, and strategies to effectively manage the financial and insurance aspects of vehicle sales,
including loan origination, lease agreements, extended warranties, and other aftermarket products.

Why Reinsurance Specialties

F&I Training Classes (Online and In Person): F&I training classes are designed to educate individuals
working in the automotive industry, specifically those in finance and insurance roles. These classes
provide training on various aspects of F&I management, including compliance regulations, sales
techniques, product knowledge, customer service, and negotiation skills. Training classes can be
conducted in-person, typically through workshops or seminars, or delivered online through e-learning

F&I Menus: F&I menus are tools used by automotive dealerships during the vehicle sales process to
present various finance and insurance options to customers. These menus provide a clear and organized
breakdown of available products and services, such as different financing options, extended warranties,
vehicle protection plans, and additional add-ons. F&I menus help customers understand their choices
and make informed decisions, while also ensuring transparency and compliance with regulatory

The goal of F&I development, training classes, and menus is to optimize the finance and insurance
processes within the automotive industry. By implementing effective strategies, providing
comprehensive training, and utilizing user-friendly menus, dealerships can enhance customer
experience, increase sales, improve compliance, and maximize profitability in the F&I department.

With over 100 years of combined reinsurance experience, our company offers a range of
reinsurance structures to clients. Here are some of the structures we can provide:

AO (Administrator Obligor): Under an AO reinsurance structure, our company works with an
A+/- rated carrier to back programs. This means that your company acts as the administrator
and takes on the obligation for claims payment, while the A+/- rated carrier provides the
financial support and stability needed for the program.

DO (Dealer Obligor): The DO reinsurance structure involves your company providing
reinsurance solutions where the dealer or client takes on the obligation for claims payment.
Your expertise helps dealers or clients set up and manage reinsurance programs that align
with their specific needs and risk tolerance.

Overall, our company leverages its extensive reinsurance experience to provide various
reinsurance structures tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. Whether it's acting as
an administrator obligor, dealer obligor, our goal is to deliver effective and customized reinsurance solutions to our clients
in the automotive and related industries

Reinsurance Specialties™ can domicile your company foreign or domestically depending on the needs, structure and feedback from the client.

About Reinsurance Specialties™ 

With a strong reputation and extensive industry experience, Reinsurance Specialties™ has successfully served numerous dealers and reinsurance companies nationwide in the automotive sector. Their client base includes a range of businesses, such as Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH), retail, and independent finance companies.

Why Choose Reinsurance Specialties™

In the current retail dealer landscape, back-end profit has gained increased significance. Similarly, for Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealers, cash flow is of paramount importance. At Reinsurance Specialties™, we understand these challenges and have optimized our reinsurance structure to address these specific needs.

We recognize that in your business, cash is king, and we strive to maximize your cash flow while maintaining access to your capital. Our reinsurance programs are designed to simplify the process and make it turnkey for dealers. We understand that each dealership is unique, and therefore, we customize our programs to cater to the individual needs of each dealer.

By working with Reinsurance Specialties™, retail dealers can enhance their back-end profit and BHPH dealers can optimize their cash flow. Our goal is to provide a streamlined reinsurance solution that enables dealers to focus on their core business while benefiting from a tailored program designed to meet their specific requirements.

We take pride in simplifying the reinsurance process and delivering turnkey solutions that maximize cash flow and drive profitability for our dealer partners.



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Our team is committed to providing exceptional care and service to our clients. We understand that your success is paramount, and we make it our top priority. By aligning our efforts with your objectives, we aim to foster a partnership that grows together over time.



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