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Meet the Team

President and CEO

Randy Kamp

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A recognized name in Oklahoma and having earned his CPA and Juris Doctorate degrees, Randy Kamp is a strategic subject matter expert associated with our best-in-class reinsurance model. Randy is the President/CEO, KampCo Foods and recently owned the Johnny Carino's franchise. As a successful entrepreneur, Randy provides invaluable insights, risk management consultation, and best-practice applications. Quote: "I love helping business owners better understand how to apply this strategic tool to meet business goals. Many colleagues enjoy compliantly moving pre-tax monies off of their balance sheet through self-insurance."

Vice Chairman

Robert Ferguson

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A recognized subject-matter-expert in the reinsurance industry having more than 20 years of professional hands-on experience and a strategic relationship with hundreds of onboarded/serviced business leaders (clients), Robert Ferguson is 'on call' to address any inquiry relative to historic court cases, structure, compliance, process and risk management applications. With a formidable background working with off shore, state and tribally-based domiciling options, Robert's contributions are game changing. Quote: "We designed our PORC model with the best elements available. If you consider our one-time capitalization, domiciling strategy, actuarial process and client management services, you will not find a better model in the business." 

President, Marketing and Business Development

Craig Clemons

With a c-suite Fortune 500 background and recently serving as Vice President, PR and Business Development for the world's most successful franchised staffing company (600,000 associates and 65,000 customers worldwide earning $3.5B annually), Craig co-founded Reinsurance Specialties in 2019 with a focus on Compliance, Business Development, Branding, Client Education, Transparent Onboarding, Communication and Customer Relations.

Today, Reinsurance Specialties is the top marketplace representative of the PORC model made popular by legislation passed by President Ronald Reagan/Congress in 1986. 


President of Construction

Steven Chasteen

Steven Chasteen has been a business leader in industries including Industrial, Commercial , Federal Construction and Agribusiness. In his role as President of Construction serving the growth of Reinsurance Specialties™, Steven is on point to identify, qualify, educate and onboard business leaders (insureds) onto our best-in-class risk management model. 

Steven states 'I love when a colleague comes to the realization that, upon building a successful business enterprise, they can join thousands of other forward-thinking business leaders to use reinsurance as a tool in risk management, claims management and asset protection.'

President of Commercial P&C Affiliations

Wade Tower

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Wade Tower was celebrated at New York Life for TOP PRODUCER and received numerous sales, production and client services awards over several decades. With a commercial P&C background and understanding how traditional premium/deductability can be mitigated and adjusted through reinsurance and a PORC captive model, Wade is an excellent communicator and recognized specialist within groups of regional business leaders. Upon unpacking business model and illustrating the value proposition and competitive advantages of Reinsurance Specialties, Wade likes to say, "If a business owner has grown tired of paying excessive premiums to a commercial P&C. only to file zero or very few claims over a period of years, they should absolutely look at self-insuring relevant corporate risks and begin enjoying a significant portion of underwriting profits."

Director of Client Onboarding

Lalania Cobb

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Lalania leverages 30 years of professional experience in the insurance sector and has an exceptional customer relations track record by way of helpful, transparent and simplified onboarding and account servicing for both our valued clients/customers (insureds) and team of agents/referral partners.

Operationally managing CRM, CMS and WorkFlow Systems, Lalania is the heartbeat of the organization relative to data inputs, reporting, reconciled accounts and client interface with respect to onboarding and helping to transition 'new clients' to happy customers remitting up to $2.65M annually per structure. 

Quote: "I love helping new customers understand our simple and straight forward approach to owning their own insurance company and managing their own risks."

President of Automotive

Scott Roberts


With the experience of owning six successful car dealerships over several decades (all domestics excluding Cadillac), Scott is on point to grow and serve our Reinsurance clients in both the automobile space and non-auto industries. Having grown revenues to $14M representing Roberts Auto Group dealerships and having set up several successful captive (reinsurance) companies, Scott provides invaluable insights, education, endorsement and best-practice applications. Quote: "While my six automobile organizations were wildly profitable and I enjoyed building the enterprise over several decades, it is the balance of premiums in my reinsurance companies which I am most proud of. I love helping other business owners better understand how to apply this strategic and compliant tool to advance thier business goals and objectives."

Treasury Manager

Kay Bale

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With nearly 40 years in the service space to include residential real estate, commercial real estate and traditional insurance, Kay brings a wealth of knowledge and 'can do' attitude to both the reinsurance industry and specifically, the Reinsurance Specialty team. Whether Kay is arranging in-person meetings with our valued clients, updating data in systems, helping a customer with questions or inquiries, Kay is a reliable and courteous resource serving both internal and external constituents. Kay states, "I love my job especially helping our insured clients explore ways to leverage their captive structure and better run their business enterprises. Our policy is no question is too broad or too specialized and we can deliver a response in minutes or, at most. within a 24 hour period. Having a team with 30+ years of professional experience in the insurance space is extremely helpful and allows us to correctly serve our customers."

Client Advisor - Trainer

Rodney L. Norris

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With 31 years in franchised auto experience and having leadership positions in four different dealerships to include General Manager, Sales, Finance and Insurance and Acquisition Manager, Rod leverages decades of experiences in P&L, Processes and Procedures, Sales Training, Incentives and Accountability, Inventory Management, Marketing and Advertising, and Risk Management. Quote: "Reinsurance has been around for decades and Automobile Leaders are 'power users' of this popular tool due to the significant number of vehicular claims associated with any dealership. This stated, I also like to educate non-auto business leaders on how our model helps deliver risk mitigation, tax-advantage premium and asset protection. Give me :30 minutes and I can explain our value proposition and competitive advantages."

Digital Asset Manager

Aaron Galindo

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Aaron is a marketing professional with a background in buy here pay here dealerships and comes to organization with a passion for driving results in the automotive industry.
In addition to his expertise in this important sector, Aaron makes significant contributions as a Marketing Coordinator and Digital Asset Manager. During his tenure in previous roles, Aaron demonstrated his commitment to foster inclusivity and empower Hispanic families on their journey to homeownership, business ownership and asset management. Through targeted marketing campaigns and personalized support, Aaron plays a pivotal role in helping families/business leaders navigate the complex process of purchasing a home/business, mitigating risks, and reaching aspirations supported by customized care and professionalism.

Client Adivisor

Trey Simms

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With professional experiences in the customer service space, Trey is a consummate leader and widely known in the marketplace for presentation, education, diplomatic follow-up and heloful advice/counsel servicing his clients. A great contribution to the Reinsurance Specialty team, Trey eagerly navigates prospective customers through the sales cycle and onboarding process through a series of sequential and well-defined steps.


"Once business leaders are qualified (typically, those earning $1M or more in top line revenue), my job is to help educate them on our best-in-class reinsurance model. Many business leaders do not know the IRC allows for self-insurance and, of course, we always use a third-party licensed Actuary to help identify and qualify the enterprise risk profile."

Client Adivisor

Marcela Martinez

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Having a rich background as Independent Agent in Life and Property and Casualty, Marcella has also dedicated significant time partnering with specialized tax agents to help individuals and
businesses reduce overall tax liabilities.
With an additional and impressive background in real estate leasing and higher education, Marcella brings a unique value-added perspective to multi-cultural audiences. Quote:  

"I love to bring our model to under-educated business leaders. And I value the concept of giving back and staying active in my community where I serve as a board member for a non-profit organization to volunteer in different events. In my free time I enjoy dancing and spending quality time with my family and significant other."

Client Adivisor

Laurie Ballweber


Focused on educating business leaders earning $1M to $85M in industries ranging from print/media services to medicine to residential/commercial roofing to wealth management and financial services, Laurie leverages nearly 30 years of sales/leadership in this role. Trusted as a value-oriented representative and often volunteering in faith-based organizations, Laurie serves business leaders from Wyoming to San Antonio. Operating from Reinsurance Specialties headquarters in Oklahoma City, Laurie can be found knocking down doors to engage business leaders who don't yet know the benefits of reinsurance structures. Laurie adds, "If a business leader has :45 minutes, I can effectively communicate how reinsurance helps them manage risks, mitigate claims, control cash flow and protect assets."


Client Adivisor

Nick Jackson

Having an impressive career and professional experiences with Automobile Dealership ownerships, being a Co-Founder and Owner of a corporate chain of Gourmet Coffee Houses and partnering with trending craft brewery operators gives Nick exceptional insights in how reinsurance can be used to cover a business leader's enterprise risks to include all of their LLCs, C-Corps, S-Corps, Holding Companies, Property Management Companies and more. Nick states, "Business owners are often unaware of their significant risk exposures until they complete a third-party actuarial interview. Actuaries, leveraging decades of actuarial tables on a per-industry basis, highlight the uninsured and under-insured risk exposures through a formal assessment and conclusive report. These identified risks are what determine the associated policy formed for the Insured.



Tel:  405.880.1949

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