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Meet the Team

The Reinsurance Specialties team works hard on identifying, qualifying, educating and onboarding successful business owners onto our best-in-class PORC model of captive insurance. Once clients are onboarded (joining 500+ clients (insureds) in 30 US states), they are serviced with turnkey deliverables by a team of seasoned subject-matter-experts. 

Vice President, Sales and Digital Assets

Nick Jackson

Having an impressive career and professional experiences with Automobile Dealership ownerships, being a Co-Founder and Owner of a corporate chain of Coffee Houses and partnering with trending craft brewery operators gives Nick exceptional insights in how re-insurance can be used to cover a business leader's corporate risks to include all of their LLCs, C-Corps, S-Corps, Holding Companies, Property Management Companies and more. Nick states, "Business owners our often unaware of their significant risk exposures until they complete an actuarial interview and the formal actuarial report/summary comes back. As much as 27% of an organization's top line revenue has been identified by a third-party, licensed Actuary in terms of a business leader's uninsured and under-insured risk exposures."

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Office Manager

Kay Bale

With nearly 40 years in the service space to include residential real estate, commercial real estate and traditional insurance, Kay brings a wealth of knowledge and 'can do' attitude to both the reinsurance industry and, specifically, the Reinsurance Specialty team.

Whether Kay is arranging in-person meetings with our valued clients, updating data in systems, helping a customer with questions or inquiries, Kay is a reliable and courteous resource serving both internal and external constituents. Kay states, "I love my job -- especially helping our insured clients explore ways to leverage their captive structure and better run their business enterprises. Our policy is 'no question is too broad or too specialized' and we can deliver a response in minutes or, at most, within a 24 hour period. Having a team with 30+ years of professional experience in the insurance space is extremely helpful and allows us to correctly serve our customers."


Direc, Sales and Digital Assets

NIck Jackson

Lalania leverages 30 years of professional experience in the insurance sector and has an exceptional customer relations track record by way of helpful, transparent and simplified onboarding and account servicing for both our valued clients/customers (insureds) and team of agents/referral partners.

Lalania is often called upon to assist with reconciling remitted premiums, ceding fees, loan structures and more with newly onboarded clients who might be in a short-term learning curve.  Lalania adds, "Once our customers understand the full benefit of captives and how they augment risk mitigation on top of traditional P&C insurance, they often thank me for helping guide them in using their 'new favorite business tool." 

One or more of the above professionals is eager to engage business leaders, CEOs, CFOs, CPAs, Wealth Advisors, Tax Specialists and Investment Brokers. 


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